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There is potential for deep, spiritual healing with the new moon in mystical Pisces. You will find yourself energized to complete larger workloads, and you should consider a new financial savings plan. Let go of your grudges.

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The new moon on March 17 has you feeling particularly selfless. And aggressive Mars charges into the sector of your chart that makes you want to party hard.

You will want to add something positive to your daily routine with this new moon on March 17—have you considered meditation, Libra? This week, you have the energy to obtain what you need to feel safe.

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You have potential to transform yourself through art during the new moon on March Action planet Mars also enters the sector of your chart ruling written communication, encouraging you to reach out to others. You are starting to prioritize domestic life with the start of this new lunar phase on March With Mars entering the financial sector of your chart, you shouldn't have trouble funding home improvement, but beware of impulse buys.

Find out what the new moon means for you.

Congratulate yourself for being able to keep going and start being proud of your ability to make the best of things. A full moon in your own sign is a sure-fire bet you need to put yourself fi rst for a change. Let the world turn without you, so you can focus on your own wants and needs.

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If you're religious, you may experience a crisis of faith. Even if you're not, you may be asking big questions. The key is to rely on yourself rather than blindly following a guru.

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A conflict within your friendship circle may be hurtful, but it can be mended if you keep communicating. Assuming you want to mend it, that is. It may well be that, ultimately, both sides know that the end is in sight. Expect to be put in the spotlight at work, especially if you don't want to be.

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You'll have to step up and show the world what you've got, but don't panic. You'll cope magnificently.

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You may be called upon to defend your views, especially at work or on social media. Stand your ground. You're fully entitled to think what you think.

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