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Ancient sages like Vashistha, Bhrgu, and Garga were the masters of astrology and made many predictions that were true. He also taught it to his disciple sage Maitreya and so on. In this way the Indian astrology made a long journey. Then Indian astrology from India traveled to Persian, then to Babylonians.

From this civilization to Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Authenticity Of Indian Astrology Indian astrology is believed tt be the oldest system of astrology in the world. It is highly authentic and its predictions are believed to be the most accurate. Being based on the actual constellations of stars, this is the most widely used system of astrology across the world.

Indian astrology believes Sun as the basic of life which is true as we cannot imagine life without Sun.

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Force of intelligence and spirituality is defined by the Sun as per Indian astrology vedas. The fertility cycles is governed by moon and it rules the emotional nature of individual. Spiritual practices, like Yoga, prayer and meditation are also the part of Indian astrology that help us to remove any kind of doshas because of bad karmas. Vedic Indian astrology truly let the soul meet its final destination that is God by leading a spiritual and right life.

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Vedic Astrology: Indian Astrology – Hindu Free Horoscope

Mesha March to April. Kuja Mars. Vrishaba April to May. Sukra Venus. Mithuna May to June.

Buddha Mercury. Karkata June to July. Chandra Moon. Simha July to August. Surya Sun. Kanya August to September. Tula September to October. Vrischika October to November. Dhanus November to December. Guru Jupiter. Makara December to January. Sani Saturn.

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Kumbha January to February. Meena Februaryto March. Indian Grahas. Western Names. Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Venus, Saturn, Rahu.

Sun, Mercury. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Sun, Moon, Jupiter. Venus, Saturn.

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Mercury, Rahu. Sun, Venus, Rahu. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,. Sun, Moon, Mars. Saturn, Rahu. Mercury, Venus. Yellow Sapphire. Mercury, Saturn, Rahu. Jupiter, Mars. Sun, Moon. Mercury, Venus, Rahu. Blue Sapphire. Dragon's Head. Mercury, Venus,Saturn. Dragon's Tail. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu. Cat's Eye. Nakshatra in English.

Sun Dasa.